Fast and Easy Mail-in Longarm Quilting
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Let us help you finish your project!
To mail us your quilt you need to follow these steps:

1. Ensure your quilt backing is around 10 inches bigger than your top.
• If you would prefer to send us only your quilt top and order widebacking from us please visit our Wideback page and place your order. Make a note that your order is for a mail-in quilt. 

2. Download our Quilt Form (form updated January, 2023). Please fill it as completely as you are able; making sure to include your name, phone number, address and email address. Be sure to include this with your quilt in the mail. 

3. Call us! 419-979-0218. This lets us know your quilt is coming. It also allows you to ask us any questions you might have and makes sure we clear up anything before you send your quilt. 

4. Pop your quilt in the mail! Send it any way you like to:
Heavenly Stitches 
Attn: Mail-in Quilting
2696 Greely Chapel Rd
Lima, Ohio 45804

5. We'll call you when your quilt arrives to discuss quilt pattern and thread colors. We have 100s of quilting patterns in our library and can generally match something to your quilt. If you've got a special request we can try and accommodate it. We source our quilting patterns from Urban Elementz and you're welcome to browse this if you're in search of something specific. 
Once we finish quilting your quilt we will call you with the final price, including shipping. We only charge the actual amount for shipping, hence the need to call you once it's finished. We'll take your card information over the phone and get it in the mail that same day, if possible. 
• We suggest you put our name and phone number (419-979-0218) in your phone's contacts so you know it's us when we call (and not a spam call). 

Preparing your quilt for quilting:

We ask that you send us your quilt as a  folded separate top and back (you can send them in the same package). Your backing must be larger than your top. We prefer that it be at least 10 inches bigger that your quilt top, meaning if your top is 60" x 70" we need your backing to be 70" x 80". If you have extra fabric, you don't need to cut it off, we're able to just roll it onto the machine and it's not in the way. We request that the edges of your back are straight to facilitate the loading process.

We also ask that you check to make sure that there is minimal 'fullness' in your borders and your quilt is as square as possible. In extreme cases, when your quilt is not square it can lead to wrinkles, folds, or waves in your quilt top. A quick check to see if your quilt is fairly square is to fold it in quarters and see if the outside edges line up well. Or, you can take a square edge such as a ruler or piece of paper and place it on one of your corners. Alternatively, you can lay your quilt flat on the floor. If there is a wrinkle that you seem to chase around the outside edge and can't get to lay flat then you've got a bit of a fullness problem. We are always willing to help correct problems such as these. Please give us a call at the shop to discuss ways to fix fullness in borders.

Please press or starch your quilt so that there aren't (m)any wrinkles and the seams lay flat.  When we receive your quilt we will hang it on a hanger to keep any further wrinkles from forming.


We carry Quilters Dream batting on bolts and rolls. We keep Quilters Dream Select Cotton, Request Cotton, and Select Poly in stock, but we can special order anything you want from Quilters Dream directly. If you would like a full list of the Quilters Dream offerings, please visit them at We have found that there are some brands of batting that do not quilt well and lead to subpar results. If you've got questions on this please call the shop. Quilters Dream Batting is Made in the USA.


We price our quilts by square inch and charge for thread along with any additional services needed. Our all-over patterns are defined as patterns that start at the top edge and are the same over the entire quilt. All all-over patterns are $0.022 per square inch. We do not charge different prices for different all-over patterns. Custom patterns start at $0.15 per square inch and go up from there depending on the complexity of the pattern. We do charge for thread. When estimating your quilt an entire cone costs $33.25. Very few quilts use an entire cone of thread and most fall between $4 and $15 in cost, depending on the complexity of the quilting pattern. A quick way to estimate what your quilting costs would be is quilt length x quilt width x .022 and then add 33.25. This will give you a high estimate, but cover any applicable taxes. An example: A quilt that is 62 x 72 has 4,464 square inches. Multiplied by .02 is 98.21, plus 33.25 equals a cost of approximately $131.46.

Potential/optional additional costs

Occasionally, people ask us to assemble backs, fix borders or apply binding. These are services that we can perform for a fee. Please note that all of these services are optional. 
  • Backing assembly is $10 for a simple assembly (less than 30 minutes) and $25 an hour for complex back assemblies (greater than 30 minutes).
  • Centering a quilt on a back is $20. This is a complex process and is not guaranteed to be perfectly aligned. 
  • Quilt preparation (fixing borders, pressing seams, trimming excessive threads) is $25 an hour with a minimum 1 hour charge.
  • Binding is $.40 per linear inch, plus the cost of fabric. Binding is machine applied.
  • 505 Spray Baste is $25.75. If quilts are not square and flat spray baste helps prevent wrinkles and tucks. It does not entirely eliminate the potential though.
  • The non-cotton backing surcharge is $10. Non-cotton backings such as fleece, minky, or snuggle fabrics are excessively stretchy and warrant careful watching to ensure that there aren't any folds or tucks. They can create difficulty when loading and may take extra care in pattern choice.

Things to be aware of:

We at Heavenly Stitches, LLC value our professional reputation very highly and will treat your project as though it were our own. 

If you would like to make any changes to the quilting pattern, thread(s), etc., that are noted on the contract, please let us know as soon as possible. Once work has begun on your quilt, any changes made by you will be made at your additional expense. You will be charged for time spent to prepare the quilt for the changes which you are requesting. There will be a $40 per hour charge for preparing your quilt for your changes, including the removal of any or all the stitching already completed. 


If you loan your quilt project for public display or enter it in a show, please give the courtesy of crediting Heavenly Stitches, LLC as the machine quilter. 


We at Heavenly Stitches, LLC are more than happy to help you decide the quilting pattern, design, and thread choices for your quilt. If you leave the pattern, design, and thread choices up to us, please understand that YOU have made that choice. As professional longarm quilters we will execute our choices to the best of our ability. 

It is your responsibility to ensure that your quilt is square and flat. If your quilt is not square and flat it can lead to tucks in the quilting or needle breaks over thick seams. We will do everything in our power to prevent these things from happening, but there are some things that fall outside our control. We are happy to give advice on how to avoid these problems. Please contact us for more details. 

Our Guarantee: If there is a problem with the quilt for which we are responsible, you must let us know within 72 hours of receiving your quilt. We will use every reasonable means at our disposal to make it right. If that is not feasible, Heavenly Stitches, LLC will issue a credit for the cost of quilting labor only. Backing, batting, binding and thread charges will NOT be included in the credit. The credit is the maximum liability of Heavenly Stitches, LLC and THIS GUARANTY SUPERSEDES AND AND ALL GUARANTIES IMPLIED BY LAW, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES FOR MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. The credit is redeemable for ninety (90) days for the issue date. 

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