Heavenly Stitches hours and information for the 2016 Yarn Crawl
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I-75 Yarn Crawl Information

We are participating in the 2016 I-75 Yarn Crawl (along with about 39 other shops!) from August 9th - 14th. What is a yarn crawl, you might ask? Well, a yarn crawl is an event where you travel from participating yarn shop to participating yarn shop to see all the fun things available and experience the ambiance of each shop. Why should you do this? In a word, Prizes! And sales. Heavenly Stitches is going to be holding an awesome yarn sale. Most of our yarn will be on sale from 10%-60% off. Yes, I said 60% off!

I mentioned prizes. There are some fun promotion prizes we'll be offering in our shop, but you are also eligible for bigger prizes through the crawl itself. See what it takes to win prizes on the crawl website here.

How to participate
You must purchase a passport to participate in the prize end of the yarn crawl You're perfectly welcome to just go from shop to shop without purchasing the passport, but you won't be eligible for any prizes through the crawl organizers. Passports cost $5 and you can pick them up in our shop. If you purchase your passport by June 30th, you'll get a free bag to stash all your new goodies in! You can purchase your passports here. Or visit the yarn crawl website directly by going to http://thei75yarncrawl.com/home.

Wait, didn't you say sales?
Indeed, I did! In our shop we will be having a great Back Room Sale! Everything in the room will be on sale for 60% off! Just so you know, you won't be able to use any coupons on the Back Room Sale. We would definitely prefer cash or check, but we'll be able to take credit card payments, too. Typically, we wind yarn from skeins into cakes for free. We'll still do that, but you'll probably have to come back to pick it up (my arms might fall off if I wind yarn all day). If you would prefer that we wind it and ship it to you, we can do that, but you'll have to pay for shipping. The Back Room Sale will be separate from the main shop sale and we'll need you to pay for your Back Room purchases in the back room. We will also have things on sale in the main shop, but nothing quite so impressive at 60% off. You'll have to stop out and see what we've got!

Purchase Yarn Crawl Passports HERE!